Have you ever felt content, right where you are? Without wishing anything were different? Or without thinking of all of the ways that you could be better, or all the ways your (house, job, partner, politics, etc.) could be better?

Contentment is a feeling I don't often have. Even though it's pretty much mindfulness lesson 101, it's a constant moment-by-moment practice for me to be able to turn the dial down on my "what needs to be fixed" list, and Just Be.

There are a few times I know I had it... sitting on the cliffs in Ireland; my wedding day; a few days when I was on maternity leave with David; and I had it last week for a whole hour :).

Perhaps that's what our new year's goals should start with: Being truly content right where we are. Accepting ourselves & others just as they are. And loving ourselves and others without condition. Even just imagining what that would feel like, feels pretty freaking awesome.

And Yes, things need fixing. Yes, we have things that need do-ing. But maybe we can give ourselves permission to take a break from our "busy-ness", to hit the pause button for just a moment, and breathe; bask in the pure amazement that we're alive in this moment in time, with nothing to do and nothing to fix just for this one minute while we breathe in, and breathe out. 

Shannon Funt