Morning Prayers

Good Sunday morning 🙂

On mornings when I can get my butt out of bed to come downstairs and check-in/ talk to the universe before the rest of the house wakes up, I like to read/say/pray these lines I wrote in my journal. They're sort of questions/ prayers/ affirmations that remind me of intentions I want to have for the day. Not so much a to-do list, but more a to-be list 🙂

FIgured I'd share in case they could give you a little extra inspiration as well 💕💫

How/ who can I serve today?

What do I need to learn?

Help me let what wants to go, go and what wants to come, come.

Help me take nothing personally when the actions of others feel hurtful. May I feel open-hearted compassion for those who are suffering.

Help me be where I am, and do all things in Joy.

Please show me the path with most ease that will help me create the life I desire.

Please make me a channel of divine creativity. I see, I hear, I know, I feel.

Please help me live this day in alignment, being present in each moment.

Dear universe, show me the seemingly impossible... and let me ask, what if all things were possible?

The universe has my back.

I believe.

Everything I desire is already on its way to me. Please help me be open to receiving it.

Today, I love myself without condition, and extend this love to others.

Today, may I speak only words of Love.

What would [Soul/Spirit] do? [just added this one yesterday... was listening to a podcast and they were saying they ask throughout the day "what would success do?"... and i immediately changed it to "what would my soul/spirit do?" :)]

(Note, I gathered these from a bunch of different sources... some are re-writes but I'm sure others are straight quotes. When I wrote them down, I never had the intention to share 🙂 So my apologies for not including proper references, although I'm sure I could trace them back if anyone is interested :))

Shannon Funt