Hi, I'm Shannon (McSorley Funt) :)

I spent the majority of my life trying to be someone who I thought I should be. Someone I thought would be happy by being the perfect straight A student, getting a good job by being a Math & CompSci major (instead of Philosophy or Anthropology which I SO loved...), enter the corporate world and climb the ladder so I could earn lots of money and recognition, etc. etc.

And it was all well & good until I had my first son. Becoming a mom made me question EVERYTHING. I wondered if the life I was leading was setting an example for the kind of life I wanted him to lead. And realized that virtually nothing about my 9-5 job was inspiring for me anymore. 

Over the next few years, I found myself taking mindfulness classes, then classes so that I could teach mindfulness (when I retired, I figured...). I started day-dreaming during my daily commute of what my life might look like if I felt passionate about my work. If I knew I was helping people live better. And I began to trust that my purpose was out there, waiting for me to come find it...

In July 2016, after so many years of silencing my inner voice, I decided it was time I finally gave her a listen. I became slightly obsessed with finding my purpose, and ended up on a spiritual journey that I had been wanting to take my whole life... asking the big questions, suspending rational thinking to wonder, well, what if?

And while I am still a recovering perfectionist, I have undergone (& am still undergoing!) a wild transformation; one that turned a left-brained, analytical, controlling and type A person, into a spiritual, meditating divine feminine, who channels advice from her intuition, teaches folks how to meditate, believes in healing with energy & updating subconscious belief patterns, and spends her days finding alignment with her soul :)

It's been an amazing and wild ride finding my TRUE Self. I like to say Mindfulness was my gateway to spirituality, which is ironic because mindfulness is supposed to be a secular practice... But, as soon as I found some space between my thoughts, that opened the door for me to hear my heart, my soul. And once you hear that, well, there's no going back :) 

To schedule a time to chat or see how we might be able to work together, please continue to browse this site, or email me at shannonmfunt@gmail.com.

May you be joyful, may you be healthy, and may you be filled with love.

Love, Shannon


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Mindfulness Meditation Teacher: I've been teaching mindfulness in classrooms, yoga studios, businesses, homes, parks & libraries since 2016. Much of my formal training is through mindfulschools.org, but a look at my bookshelf, audible & podcast apps reveals I get my inspiration from teachers and authors such as Tara Brach, Sharon Salzberg, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Shefali Tsabury, Brenda Salgado, Tosha Silver, MindUp!, Dr. Joe Dispenza, etc.

Since 2016, once I discovered how enjoyable meditating can actually be, I've had a daily meditation practice (thanks to Insight Timer app!), and almost-daily yoga practice (thanks Yoga with Adriene!).

Reiki/ Intuitive Healing: I got Reiki certified (1 & 2) in April 2017, and have been passionately practicing on clients, family, friends, my dog, flowers, etc. ever since. 

For my pre-2016 experience, check-out my resume at LinkedIn.