BELIEVE... my word for 2018

What if we allowed ourselves to imagine the most amazing life we could imagine, then allowed ourselves to Believe that life was actually possible?

And when the (cynical, scared, cautious) voice pipes up in our head telling us it's not possible, or we don't deserve it, it would be too risky, our life is 'good enough' as-is so why rock the boat?, what if we questioned, "well, why not?"

What if the only thing standing between us and the lives we never imagined, was allowing ourselves to dream it, then allowing ourselves to believe it was possible?

When my 5yo tells me he wants to be a paleontologist and have a dinosaur museum that also has a dentist's office in it (with him as the dentist :) ), I don't tell him, "That's so silly. You should be more realistic David!"

I let him dream. I let him believe. Because there will be plenty of people in his life who tell him his dreams aren't possible - we've all had a million people talk us out of our dreams, and now we don't even need someone else to talk us out of them, because we've got our very own inner critic doing us the favor.

But what if we didn't allow our inner critic to hold us back? What if we could thank her for her input and for trying to keep us safe, and went ahead and dreamt our wildest dreams anyway?

What if we allowed ourselves to know that it's ok to dream of an even more amazing life, while being completely happy and grateful for the lives we already have?

I spent most of 2017 getting to know my inner critic & her limiting beliefs... after 38yrs of programming her to analyze everything, stay away from risk, expect bad things to happen if life gets "too good", I had a lot of un-doing/ releasing/ letting go in order for me to start up a new life I only just began to imagine.

I also saw some miracles in 2017, which convinced me that crazy things can happen when you allow yourself to ask, then dare yourself to believe :)

So, my wish for all of you in 2018 is that you may dream the most fantastical dreams, and be crazy enough to allow yourself to believe they can come true 💫💜😘

(Side note... I just looked up the etymology of the word "Believe", and one of the oldest translations is "to care, desire, love". LOVE that :))

Shannon Funt