Hearing Your Whisper - A Meditation Workshop (for GA moms)

Hearing Your Whisper - A Meditation Workshop (for GA moms)

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What if - when you felt stressed, overwhelmed, anxious - you could just BE with yourself, without feeling weak, self-criticizing, or going numb?

What would your life be like, if you knew how to tune-in to that still, small whisper inside; that part of you who knows you are safe, feels you are loved, trusts you are worthy, and believes everything will be OK?

When Leah and I were brainstorming about me leading a meditation workshop at her house, we knew we wanted it to be more powerful than simply teaching moms to meditate. Then she shared a line from the new Oprah book (The Path Made Clear), that talked about this “whisper” we hear from time to time, that helps remind us of our path & purpose.. and I knew what the workshop needed to be.

Hearing Your Whisper is not your mama’s meditation workshop :) In our 5 mornings together, we’ll learn how to sit with ourselves, find stillness through the storm going on in our minds and worlds, and most importantly, re-connect to our whispers.

I often call this whisper, or still, quiet voice, our Inner Voice. It represents the connection we have to our soul, our spirit, to the Divine, to each other, yet lose touch with because we just get so busy “Doing”. We are all guilty of spending way too much time stuck in our heads, and so little time connecting with our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, or simply “Being”. And turns out, one of the main reasons we don’t check-in with our-Selves, is because we just don’t know how, and not knowing how can be really S-C-A-R-Y for our minds.

That’s why we hope you’ll join us (and 9 other moms - capping this experience at 11 ), as I guide you to learn to hear your whisper, in a loving, sacred space with other mamas feeling just like YOU :)

Hearing Your Whisper - More Info:

  • Where: Leah DePaul’s house (3min from GA)

  • When: Mon May 13 through Fri May 17

  • Time Commitment: 8:30am-9:00am

  • Cost: $55

  • Who am I? I’m Shannon Funt :) Mom of David (KC), and owner of May You Be Mindful, LLC. Learn more about me here and feel free to text me with any questions @ 713-320-2221.

Thanks for checking this out - we hope to see you soon! Love, Shannon & Leah