Modeling Behavior vs. Forcing It

You know how we're always making our kids say "thank you"? because that's how we teach them to be polite?

Last week I spent like 5min trying to get Ethan (3) to say thank you to his teacher for giving him a special snack (goldfish) since he didn't like the one they had (fruit🤦‍♀️). Yet clearly after 5min, even if I could have gotten him to say thank you (which I couldn't), I know it wouldn't actually have meant anything to him anyway... just another one of those "mom wanted me to do something so I did it to get her off my back" moments.

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Going into the darkness...

I was tapping with someone this week & had this realization. Reminded me of the saying “in the darkness, there is light”. We just have to be willing to go into the darkness to find it. 💕

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Shannon FuntEFT
What is Unconditional Love? A letter from Me to my Inner Voice, Sarah :)

I've been grappling with what this means for some time - unconditional love. Seems like the lessons & experiences I had this week all had this underlying theme of being with love vs. fear. I realized yesterday that I often have mixed the 2. Loving with fear that you might love too much. Loving with fear that you don't know who you are loving. Loving with fear that you could be taken advantage of. Loving with fear that your love could somehow harm the other person.

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Shannon Funt