What is Unconditional Love? A letter from Me to my Inner Voice, Sarah :)

I've been grappling with what this means for some time - unconditional love. Seems like the lessons & experiences I had this week all had this underlying theme of being with love vs. fear. I realized yesterday that I often have mixed the 2. Loving with fear that you might love too much. Loving with fear that you don't know who you are loving. Loving with fear that you could be taken advantage of. Loving with fear that your love could somehow harm the other person.

So, I wrote to my intuition to see what she had to say about it. I'm going to call her Sarah (b/c that's the name that just popped into my head!).

I hope this helps shed some light for you on your own journey to understanding what it means to love unconditionally..

[Me] Can you help me understand what unconditional love is?

[Sarah] Wow. That’s a big one. Let’s break it down. Love without condition. Love. What is love. Accepting another soul as they are; not requiring them to change in order for you to send the vibration of love to them. Remember there are 2 frequencies underlying all words: love, and fear. When you speak to josh about this phone, the frequency is fear, not love. It is possible to speak with love to all, regarding all things. [<-- me, explanation; last night I got on josh, again, for being on his phone; i'm not even close to perfect at leaving my phone alone, but girl, can i rip into him without hesitation!]

[Me] How? How do I do that?

[Sarah] You know how. Call in your higher self and envision their higher self. It is the personality that you take issue with. Remember that is the sum of the experiences the person has lived in this life. That is who you feel you want to get to know, analyze, understand, ‘fix’. But beneath that, and beneath that judging/ analytical layer of your own personality, is your higher self. It is when you can look beyond the personality to what’s within the person, that you begin to see through eyes of love, and thereby speak through words of love.

[Me] Does it all start with love for myself/ yourself?

[Sarah] Of course.

[Me] Do I need to love my personality too?

[Sarah] You need to recognize that your personality reflects where you are at this point on your path. It is ever changing and evolving. The inner being is not ever changing. It is and always was love. And light. Some personalities make it difficult to see this. The personality is the shell that you form as you experience life on this earth. When you think of yourself or others as flawed, it is because the personality has been built in a way that does not understand what lies beneath. 
You want to get to know someone’s personality, their story; you like understanding why a person is the way they are. If you want to truly unite with the person in front of you, you must look beyond the personality. Treat them with kindness. That is all.
When you work on the personality, you are simply making the soul more transparent.

[Me] Thank you, I love you :)

So, there it is. Have you written to your intuition recently? It's pretty simple actually... just sit in a quiet place (or throw on some binaural beats on headphones), get comfy, and start typing (I like typing b/c my hands can keep up with what I hear faster than writing...). Ask your question, and wait for an answer. Don't question what comes up, just type it. Don't worry about grammar or spelling or punctuation. Just let your fingers flow. If you feel yourself resisting or questioning, just breathe. And ask your inner voice to flow through you :)

I hope you have a peaceful, loving and joy-filled weekend. XO, Shannon (& Sarah! :))

Shannon Funt