Aligning with the Divine

For a long time – prob from when I stopped going to church in high school until a year ago (20yrs?), I had been craving a way to get back in touch with God. A way to get grounded, and feel connected to something bigger than myself. And by accident, I ended up finding that through meditation.

What if, the wisdom that we seek – that everything will be ok; how to respond to whatever situation is in our life; how we can find peace – what if those answers can be found by spending time getting quiet with our Self, and listening to the knowing, the intuition, the true self, the soul voice, the divine, that is in each of us already?

What if we don’t need a sermon? What if all we need is the practice of sitting with our Selves? And asking all of our questions, turning over all of our worries, to the divine within?

We were born with this ability, we were just never taught how to use it. Instead, we were taught to look outside of ourselves for guidance and wisdom. And many of us became disenchanted with the person delivering that wisdom, so we felt lost; as if, without a teacher to tell us what to do, we couldn’t figure it out and would just have to wait until the next teacher came along.

So what if we get back in tune with our inner voice? What would happen if we all were really marching to our own beat? What if we could quiet our thinking and our perfecting and our worrying for even just a few seconds, and we could hear that beat again (or for the first time)?

This is what I've learned is called aligning with the divine within. And it's pretty damn magical :)

From this place of alignment, we can do the work we were meant to do in this lifetime. We learn to act from love, not fear. We learn to believe and to trust that all will be well. And we we’re just plain nicer ☺.

Here’s 1 method I like for aligning with my divine: spend a few minutes in a quiet space (it if feels right, play some music from Insight Timer, or go outside with the birds/ wind/ water.. nature sounds) and sit with yourself. 

Place one hand on your heart, and the other hand on your lower belly. Feel your breath rising and falling in your body. Feel the warmth of your hands. And just ask your soul/ spirit/ highest self/ intuition, what do I need to know? 

Then listen. 

You might hear words; you might see an image; you might just get a sensation in your body. Don’t feel the need to force any of these things; and don’t feel like you’re doing it wrong if you don’t all of a sudden see a burning bush in front of you! See if you can surrender to the moment. And when that “you’re nuts” inner critic voice pipes up, just ask him/her to take a chill pill and let you have this moment with your Self ☺

Peace be with all of you. Happy Sunday 😘💫💜

PS, my inner voice asked me to share this with you today :)

Shannon Funt