You are Loved

I'm attempting to open myself up to doing some channeling. (a medium recently told me my guides are so over me muscling & analyzing my way through all this spiritual stuff 😄 so, now I am supposed to just listen, and share...). And yeah I know, this is so not 'normal', but alas, who the hell knows what normal is anymore, so I'm just going with it!

Anyway, here's the message they wanted to me to deliver to you this morning:


There is no greater truth than this: You are loved.

Not because you deserved it.

Not because you heard someone say it.

Not because you need it.

You are loved because you are love.

Now, they got really frustrated when I chimed in to say, well, what is love? Seemed they were frustrated because we humans have done a real bang up job with our child rearing... making kids think they need to DO something in order to receive love. Making parents think they need to be the only source of love for their kids. Sending messages that love is something to be received from someone else.

So, they told me if you want to know what love is, go experience it. If you find it beneficial to step away and go outside, that may be easiest. Yes, being present helps. Yes, stillness of mind helps. But we complicate the truth of the matter with all of our teachings and tools, when the truth lies within each of us.

Because you are already loved.

Because, you are LOVE.

After contemplating all of this for a few moments, I imagined what it would be like if, at every moment when I find myself suffering for lack of acceptance or love, I just heard these words.. You are loved.

And it felt really good... like make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy good.

So, hopefully you get some warm and fuzzies out of this all too :)

Love, Shannon (with help from "them"... our divine mothers hanging out up there just waiting for all of us to shut the hell up and listen 😉)