Getting curious when you feel uncomfortable

This article got me thinking...

I don't think there are many people out there who can say that if they saw this little boy at the mall, their first instinct wouldn't be to take a closer look, perhaps feel a little pity, or feel a certain level of discomfort. Our kids are likely feeling the same way. Truth is we hardly ever choose how we are feeling in any given moment - our subconscious programming is in charge >90% of the time.

So, instead of ignoring or shaming these feelings, or leaving the scene so you don't have to deal with your discomfort, create the space to let yourself and your kids feel, and express, what's going on inside, without judgement.

If we can notice the things around us that make us want to look away, and then challenge ourselves to keep looking, that's when the healing can begin. That's when we can get curious about our discomfort, and then mindfully and consciously make a choice to respond in a way that celebrates love and life, instead of fear.

Sending this little warrior and his family so much love and light 

Shannon Funt