She Talks to Angels...

So I’ve been “momming” like crazy since last Friday. My little guy got sick, so my momming has flowed over to sleeping overnight in his bed with him, waiting for hours in the doctors office (twice), carrying him around all morning bc he said his legs hurt, whatever it takes to keep him happy as he heals.

Yesterday I picked up a book that told me to talk more with my guardian angel and to look out for the number 44, because that’s their sign to you. I remembered to do it in the dr’s office today, so we called in our angels to give us patience while we waited (in room 11 of course, which we predicted we’d get :)), and even sent our angels out to go help our doctor help the patients before us (& help them quickly :)), then off to help the other kiddos we could hear having a rough time in their rooms. (Then back to us for more patience and healing ☺️✨). And I looked for any 44’s on the way home, but didn’t see any...

Now, while my little guy sleeps, I took time to reconnect (meditate, tap, talk to my mentor... all the good stuff 😊) and was about to start journaling, when I wrote down today’s date. I’ve been momming so hard I didn’t realize what day it was... April 4... 4/4 :) 

So friends, say hi to your angels today, bc they’re right there waiting for you to call :)

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Shannon Funt