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Can I interest you in taking a few breaths with me? It's what I do when I'm nervous and meet someone new (you!) :)  Ready? Here we go...

On your next breath in, see if you can let your body grow quiet and still.
Breathe out, and Smile :)

Breathing in, notice any tension you're holding in your shoulders, legs, arms, or jaw. Breathe out, and allow those muscles to relax.

Breathing in, notice how you're feeling.
Breathe out, and Smile again :) 

Welcome. And thank you for visiting today! If you can't find what you're looking for on this site, please connect with me over email, at

who am i?

Seems like I've been trying to answer this question my whole life. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? 

Here's my current answer: I am a seeker, a questioner, a perpetual student, a self-improvement junkie, a divine feminine, a loving wife & mama of 2 little boys and 1 furbaby, a sister, a daughter, a healer, a teacher, a yogi, a peaceful warrior, a steward for Mother Earth, a friend of everyone, an explorer, and a creator.

To learn more about who I am & how I got here, read on over here.  

practicing Mindfulness

One of the realizations I've had, after consuming pretty much every book, audible, or podcast about how to live a successful, happy and purposeful life, is that every technique, every prescription, every workout, starts with awareness. Awareness of who we are. Awareness of how we feel. Awareness of who we want to be. Awareness of how we engage with others. Awareness of how we engage with ourselves. 

In order to foster awareness, I practice mindfulness. In order to foster compassion, gratitude, focus, emotional regulation, intentionality, and basically, just not be a stressed, angry, impatient or crazy person, I also practice mindfulness :)

So, that's where I like to begin - If you want to learn how to start and keep a daily mindfulness & meditation practice, so you can build the foundation of awareness necessary to do all the other "work", I'm your gal. You can find some of my mindful offerings here

tuning into your Intuition

Another thing I've learned after habitually seeking answers outside of myself, is that all of the answers and wisdom I long to find are already WITHIN ME. Every (good :)) spiritual book ever written, self-improvement method or alternative healing technique ever created, in my opinion, is a product of that person's lived experience, and in some way was channeled through the author's intuition. After having that realization, I now wonder whether every answer I long to find "out there", is something that is simply waiting for me to unearth within myself, right here, in the present moment?

I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves, to free ourselves, to love ourselves; in order to do these things, all we need to do is look within, learn who we are and who we are meant to be (& capable of becoming), then keep listening for that internal guidance to show us the next step. 

Let me introduce you to your best (and cheapest!) teacher... You :) Learn more by scheduling a sample Intuitive Coaching Call by emailing me at

intuitive healing & coaching

In Sept 2016, I updated my Facebook profile to read "intuitive healer". I had no idea what that meant, I just felt this instinct to write it.

In April 2017, I met a Mindfulness author and healer (Brenda Salgado, author of this book), who ignited a desire for me to finally uncover my own healing path. Within a few weeks, I had learned Reiki 1 & 2 and was practicing on everything and everyone I could; something had finally clicked.

Later the same year, I met an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) coach, who led me and 20 other women through 21 days of "Tapping through our Inner Glass Ceilings". After witnessing the power of tapping personally (I shattered a lifetime of limiting beliefs around what I was capable of :)), I also realized that tapping turned out to be this magical combination of all things mindful (acceptance, allowance, compassion, insight), energy healing (releasing emotions by tapping along energy meridians), and intuition.

Since practicing Reiki and EFT, I have come to discover that I am an empath - which, for me, means that I seem to be able to innately tap into what my clients are feeling - in person and over the phone. And I even have what I believe is clairvoyance, sometimes being able to feel, see or hear messages that are meant for clients I'm working with.

I put everything together now in what I call "intuitive coaching". My over-the-phone intuitive coaching sessions are for women (or men! but I tend to attract the ladies, particularly other moms :)) who want help finding your way when you're feeling lost, reconnecting with yourSelf, and learning tools that will enable you to slow down, breathe, and be more present & loving (with yourself, then others). I also love working with parents & kids together, on everything from sleep issues, to anxiety & stress. I utilize meditation & mindfulness, Reiki, EFT ("tapping"), and lots of intuitive guidance.

If your intuition calls you to learn more, you can schedule your first 30-minute call (for free) here


Client Reviews

Like most families, we hum along at a relatively high stress level and my children were starting to feel some of that burn. My daughter especially was having serious sleep challenges and showing a lot of nervousness and anxiety. I asked Shannon to meet with us one-on-one to guide us into mindfulness. My daughter immediately responded and opened up to Shannon and as a family we started practicing mindfulness, using the tools Shannon was teaching us. We learned to pay attention to our breathing, made my daughter’s room a safe place using “magic” and even tried tapping. Imagine my surprise when my girl came home from school, told me about a friend who had been upset, and said that she taught her friend about tapping! She’s now starting to fall asleep in her room on her own and her overall behavior and demeanor are returning to the joyful, sweet girl who had been buried under a load of heavy feelings. I’m so grateful to Shannon for sharing her gifts, time and compassion with us and so happy that I opened my mind and started to walk a mindful path with her.
— Amy W.
Shannon is an excellent Reiki healer!!! I can’t say enough good things about her. Her intuitiveness, her sense of spirit, her techniques were all wonderful. It was such a helpful experience and I can’t wait for my next appointment!
— Madi M
I have always been uninterested in “meditation” practice, because I thought it took forever and you had to remain silent too long. I’m so glad Shannon flipped my notion on its head and taught me about mindfulness. Her peaceful, non-judgmental approach to mindfulness practice made everything less intimidating and fun! Her ideas and techniques are easily incorporated into daily life, and I’m so glad I went to her workshop (as are the other drivers stuck in morning traffic with me).
— Anon
I have had reiki done several times in the past and didn’t experience the positive shift in body awareness as I did with Shannon. I was able to get a really deep sleep after my session with her and felt a sense of calm and clarity. She is so genuine and makes the experience comfortable and relaxing. Thank you, Shannon!
— R. Bright
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