Sit With Your Damn Self: A 22-Day Soulful Meditation Journey

Sit With Your Damn Self: A 22-Day Soulful Meditation Journey

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WHAT IF… all you had to do to live your life with more joy, presence, love, and purpose, was Sit With Your Damn Self?

Come again? Why would I want to sit with my (damn) self? 

Because when you sit with yourself, and allow yourself to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, even for just 5 seconds, you begin to hear your inner voice. You begin to connect with your true self/ higher self/ spirit/ universe/ God (& whoever else you feel like chatting it up with). When you sit with yourself, you set the intention that just for these 11mins, you are simply going to BE, and not have to DO. When you sit with yourself, you realize that sitting with yourself feels a lot like coming home/ giving yourself a hug/ feeling inspired/ aligned.

When you sit with yourself, you honor yourSelf. And when you do that, you increase your self awareness, which increases your ability to see things more clearly, which increases your ability to feel and intuit an answer (instead of analyze it to death), which helps calm your nervous system, which helps you sleep better, which helps you live better, which helps you love better... :) 

Additional side effects may include: reduced stress, reduced anxiety, increased ability to focus, feeling more inspired (literally, "in your spirit") and creative, being more present, seeing/feeling more joy, flowing through your day with more ease, and living life more intentionally (instead of flying around on auto-pilot). 

Got it? Good :)

Why 22 days? 
First, I love the number 22. (I've seen 22's for years and have always thought it was 'a sign', then looked it up and in numerology, 22 is about aligning with your soul's purpose - #yesthankyoumoreplease). And second, because they say on average, it takes 21 days to start a new habit. So, we're throwing an extra day in for good measure :)

Why 11 mins?
Because if I told you you'd have to sit with yourself for 15min you might get scared away. And 5mins isn't enough. And, well, I love 11 as much as I love 22 :) 

Why $22? 
See above. And, if it was $40 you would hum and haw over spending the money on yourself, but $22 is about the cost of the quick manicure you sometimes treat yourself to, so heck, maybe you can warrant spending that on sitting with yourself, without the polish and fumes. 

What if I'm not ready right NOW to devote 22 days to doing this?
1. There's no rule that says you HAVE to do this for 22 consecutive days. In fact, most people in the original "live" group took longer than 22 days to finish. The goal here is to start getting into the groove of sitting with yourself. So, go with the flow, listen to your intuition, and start when you hear a HELL YES Let's Do This!
2. There is NEVER A PERFECT TIME TO START SITTING WITH YOURSELF. So, if you're making excuses about why you can't do this NOW because bla bla bla, then that's ok, it just means you're not ready yet. But soon enough, you will be ready, and I'll be here when you are :) 

What am I actually going to be doing, while I'm sitting with myself?
Mostly meditating. Probably some talking to your intuition. Definitely some mindfulness (awareness, focus, breath, acceptance, compassion). Maybe some tapping. I let the universe/ my intuition/ my mindfulness training & meditation experience guide what we needed to hear in our meditations, and just let it flow... 

What if I suck at sitting with myself?
So my higher self wants to tell you that you can't suck at sitting with yourself. Even if you fall asleep or get lost in a dream the whole time, that's ok. As long as you got to the chair and sat with yourself for 11mins, you did it (hell, even if you sat for 1min, you still did it).
My regular human self wants to tell you that I used to suck too. I hated watching my breath. I couldn't meditate without falling asleep or drifting away into dreamland.
So, we'll keep it real. We'll keep it interesting. And we won't judge ourselves when we suck :) 

What if I miss a day? Did I fail?
1. You are not being graded. 2. Just start again the next day. (I can hear Poppy singing "get back up again!")

Other details:

  • All 22 days of meditations are available in our Private Facebook Group. You'll get added to the group once I get your purchase confirmation; note, you'll have to accept my friend request so that I can add you :).

  • Each day has an 11-ish min video for you to watch/listen to, whilst sitting with yourself. You can listen first thing in the morning, last thing before bed, over your lunch break, during your kid's 12min nap in the car in the driveway... you get the picture.

  • There is a "Getting Started" unit in the FB Group, which will help you get your 'sacred space' situated, and hopefully answer any other questions you have about getting ready to sit with yourself.

  • At any point if you have questions or comments, feel free to post them in the group. Our SWYDS community is growing every day, so I'll be checking-in regularly to answer questions/ see your comments!

If you have any questions not covered here, feel free to email me at
See you in the SWYDS Facebook Group!

Refund Policy: After purchase, if you wish to no longer take part in the SWYDS program, and have not yet joined the FaceBook Private group, I will be happy to offer you a refund for your purchase. Please email me at to initiate your request.

PS: As of 7/1/2018, 11% of all orders are being donated to ALS TDI in honor of my cousin Karen, my shero :)