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Intuitive Coaching 

My intuitive coaching sessions are for women who are feeling lost; maybe you're stuck in a rut, or feel as if you're on constant auto-pilot, stressed, tired... yet you have this feeling deep down that there's got to be a better way. We might get glimpses of the answer, or hear little messages from the universe when we're really tuned-in, but we just don't feel like we have the time or the tools to consistently slow down, breathe, and find, then stay connected, to ourselves and what matters most. 

I believe my dharma, or my purpose in this life, is to work with other women, to empower them to access their own divine feminine intuition, reconnect them with their higher Self, and teach them tools that enable them to be more present, intentional, and loving.

My clients have included women wanting help managing their anxiety, coping with the grief of losing a loved one, going through infertility, burnt-out from the day-to-day stress of #momminghard, and women looking to begin or maintain a regular intentional practice that helps them be their best selves.  

My packages range from 1-time pop-in calls to help you get some clarity or insight around an issue, to 3-month coaching engagements where I help you find and maintain a connection to your own inner wisdom & intuition.

My other greatest passion is teaching these tools to kids (can you imagine having the insight that it's OK to FEEL things, along with the tools to be able to slow down & sit with yourself, when you were a kid??), so I offer family packages that can be customized to suit your needs. (An example: 6 week package, includes six hour-long lessons with your child (& you), and six 1-on-1 30min call-in sessions just for you). 

If your intuition guides you, email me at and we'll get the conversation started :)

Intuitive Healing

If you are within 40min of Spring House, PA, you can book a hands-on Intuitive healing session with me by emailing me at My table and I will travel to you for a 60min in-person session.